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From Heart of Xinli, the Acupuncturist


I believe that making a permanent lifestyle change is the only way to achieve optimal health. Chinese Tai Chi/Qi Gong is a very good start point. It can be integrated into your busy schedule, to increase your stamina & flexibility, enhance your immune system and boost your body’s healing power and most importantly, open your sense to your own energy body, observe your Qi, honor it and cultivate it.  As a result, you become the real master of your health. The chronic condition no matter it is in musculo-skeletal or internal organ systems can be managed and controlled. Look at the animals in the front page slider. Aren’t they lovely full of energy and grace? They are the 5 animals represented in a famous Chinese wellness cultivation Qi Gong — Five Animal Frolics invented by a legendary Chinese doctor almost 2000 years ago, who was murdered by the empera but his two disciples enjoyed over 100 years of longevity. The Qi Gong is still popular in China and  around the world and has modern science proven benefits to health both in physiological level and emotional level. Ones’ attitude toward their health conditions is really critical in the healing process. You lose half the battle in the beginning if you feel pessimistic and no hope. I strongly believe that a good community where people support each other, having fun together, cultivate Qi together and Learn basic philosophies of Chinese medicine together is a very good thing and important to me and my patients. Now you know why my clinic is called AcuSpace Health Club/Clinic. In my heart, self healing is the way and acupuncture and oriental medicine is there to aid.

I am teaching Tai Chi/Qi Gong in Rainier Taiji Foundation, and give seminars on health benefits of it.

Health Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades) ,Liu Zi Jue (Six Healhing Sounds) and Da Wu ( Grand Dance) – A class I teach in Rainier Taiji Foundation


What is Qi Gong?



Qi Gong (also called dao yin) is Tai Chi like exercises that engage in breathing exercises and slow body movements. It is slow because our breathing is slow, and our brain can better track what is going on inside the body while we are moving. It is slow because our fascia system and tiny joint systems can be better engaged when we move slow to the right place in the range of motion that we usually do not go when we move fast. We can say it is mindful exercises of our body, our breath and our mind.

Meditation is Qi Gong in a broader sense but in this class we move.

What is Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong?


Qi Gong has 5000 years of history in China backed by archaeological findings.  Ba Duan Jin ( Eight Brocades) was commented and recorded in writing during 1130-1200 and may have earlier forming process. It was soaked in Chinese health maintenance philosophy and Chinese medical wisdom.  During class, the Chinese medical thinking behind the moves will be shared. It is not only good for musculo-skeleton system but more for internal organ systems. In ancient China, it was exercised as a way to maintain good health and achieve longevity. It is also practiced by many martial artists as a foundation.

Numerous research papers (in Chinese)  are published in recent years on benefit of practicing Ba Duan Jin, researches were conducted in high schools and colleges, senior houses, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and in general public. You can use google translation to know what they are talking about.

What is Liu Zi Jue Qi Gong?

This is mainly a powerful abdominal breathing exercises that generates specific vibrating sounds or ways of breathing that regulate our internal organ systems, our blood circulation system, and our mood. It was developed with Chinese medicine/acupuncture theory. Breathing as a way of exercise was dated back 5000 years ago. And mentioned more in  BC,  <<Dao De Jing>> (by Laozi ,老子在《道德经》第二十九章已有“故物或行或随,或嘘或吹”的记载) and Zhuangzi (庄子在《刻意篇》也有“吹呴呼吸,吐故纳新”). Formal 6 sounds were formalized around 500 DC by Hongjing Tao (陶宏景 《养性延命录》中:“纳气有一,吐气有六。纳气一者,谓吸也;吐气六者,谓吹、呼、嘻、呵、嘘、呬,皆出气也。……委曲治病,吹以去风,呼以去热,嘻以去烦,呵以下气,嘘以散滞,呬以解极。”).

We will learn this set starting in the week of July 9th, 2016 and apply the breathing to Ba Duan Jin and future Qi Gong sets.

Here are several research papers talking about Liu Zi Jue Qi Gong:

What extra things will be offered in class?


Ba Duan Jin is a well balanced exercise system. It exercises both musculo-skeleton system and internal organ system. If students in class has minor symptoms, I will add more qi gong exercises to enhance the exercise effect. For example, many modern people suffer from neck and shoulder pain. I will introduce more exercises for that. I encourage students discussing with me so I can modify the class content to cater different needs.

There will be group interactive exercises that are fun, beneficial and difficult to do by ourselves.

Health is not measured by how high you jump, how fast you run or how strong your muscles are, it is measured by how healthy your organ systems are, how healthy your blood vessels are, how peaceful and stress free you are. That inner smile is part of definition of health.

Let us start practicing this gentle yet powerful exercise.

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