Thank you so much for all of your beautiful attempts at bringing my sleep! I appreciate the efforts so much. You acupuncture treatments were my favorite out of all the treatments I received at xxx (  xx and xx included) — the only one who brought effective peace and relaxation on the table.

— Bobby J., Olympia

I am very sorry that I cannot attend, but my heart will be there. You were so nice to me and worked so hard for me. I will never forget.

— Hedeko, Seattle

You are different. When you were absent, I went back and got a treatment from someone else. I miss the total attention, presence and caring touch that I experienced in your clinic session.

— Ana, Seattle

I had the good fortune to have Cindy Du as my acupuncturist while visiting my in-laws over the holiday break. My neck pain had gotten so bad that it affected my family relations!

In a desperate effort to find relief, I walked to a nearby acupuncture place. Cindy was filling in for the normal practitioner. It was unlike any other acupuncture session I’d encountered. There were fewer needles, but Cindy placed them very, very well.

Six weeks later, I have been taking little medication for my neck pain. Her work did more than relieve symptoms in the short-term; it seems to have healed me of this onerous issue. After 6 years of struggle, those two sessions with Cindy may have done the trick!

Paul H., Pflugerville, TX

I went to Cindy to check up on my lower back pain that I have for past year or so. She started our session with checking on my energy level through whole body. After a few tests she described me what and where it was wrong and why I am having this kind of pain. Later she treated me with needles and after couple of minutes that made me feel so peaceful and relaxed so it felt like I took a power nap. I felt care of a skilled practitioner with professional attitude and lots of patience towards her patient. At the end of her treatment I felt refreshed/rejuvinated, pain-free and ready go back to my daily life.

Boris A., Bellevue

I go to Cindy whenever my back pain starts to act up or my energy level gets low, and each time after her treatment I feel great! Cindy is a very skilled practitioner and I feel no discomfort during the treatment, instead I always feel very relaxed and I can even feel my whole body humming with the all the energy moving! So by the end of her treatment I always feel refreshed, pain-free and able to get back to living my life again.

Amanda L., Lynwood

It was a pleasure to receive an acupuncture treatment from Cindy Du with her focused attention on getting to the core issue and providing long-lasting relief from the persistent pain incurred just last month.

I also observed her work on my classmate required for our acupuncture training at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute in Mt. Vernon. She has a palpation skill that is gentle and to the point (excuse the pun) which my classmate and I want to learn more about as we venture into this fascinating milieu of Chinese Medicine. Thanks to that experience, I am more encouraged than ever to emulate Cindy’s approach to acupuncture treatments and I wish her every success in this career.

Kim L. LMP CSP, Seattle